TROMENZ is one of the leading providers of professional education in IT, Software Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance.

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TROMENZ is one of the leading providers of professional education in IT, Software Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance.

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Tromenz Learning stands as a global leader in providing top-tier Scrum Product Owner certification training. Our esteemed "Scrum Product Owner Certification" comprises approximately 18 seasoned trainers, each boasting more than 20 years of immersive experience in Agile and Scrum methodologies. Our experts have meticulously designed a comprehensive program to empower aspiring Product Owners in mastering the art of Agile product management. What sets us apart is our unparalleled track record of a remarkable 100% pass rate in the Scrum Product Owner certification.

The Scrum Product Owner certification is a prestigious credential that validates your expertise in Agile product management, Scrum practices, and effective collaboration with Agile teams. It signifies your unwavering commitment to delivering value to stakeholders, fostering innovation, and guiding product development towards success. Earning your Scrum Product Owner certification not only opens doors to exciting career opportunities but also demonstrates your ability to drive product excellence.

At Tromenz Learning, we take immense pride in being the preferred choice for Scrum Product Owner certification training. Our program equips you with a profound understanding of Agile principles, Scrum product management, and the leadership skills essential to excel in the Scrum Product Owner certification exam. Embark on a transformative journey of professional growth with us, where you'll emerge as a proficient Product Owner who not only aspires but also excels in shaping innovative and successful products. Your path to success begins here.

Key Giveaways

     18 hours of e-learning session with detailed ebook

     Latest Case Studies

     Practice Questions with answers

     24x7 support

     Exam application help

     Exam Voucher

     Instructor support for any query

    Steps To Get Certified

    Exam Pattern 

    • Multiple choice
    • 140 questions per exam
    • No negative marks for wrong answers
    • 180 minutes duration
    • Proctored online exam.
    • Current pass rate: 93%

    Who Should Attend

    • Scrum Master
    • Delivery Lead
    • Agile Scrum Master o Program Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Agile Coach
    • Automation Engineer o Project Lead

    Training Partner

    Tromenz Learning has been approved as a training provider by leading regulatory authorities all over the world. The organization's objective is to deliver high-quality training to professionals on a global basis.

    Market Leaders

    In more than 180 countries, Tromenz Learning dominates the industry in providing more than 100 courses. Through this market brand, more than 5000 clients receive accreditation each year. Our goal is to close the skill gap by empowering human capital through nationally and internationally recognized industry-accredited courses.

    Licensed Instructor

    To empower each student, Tromenz Learning has recruited the top coaches in the industry. Our instructors have more than 20 years of experience in the field and are accredited with the respective regulating authorities.

    Success Guarantee

    The main principle of Tromenz Learning is "Your success is our passion." Through our elite instructors, up-to-date, on-demand content, accreditation through recognised bodies, localised distribution, and a solid technological infrastructure, we provide value for professionals through which we carry 100% passing ratio in the exams.

    Strategic Partners

    Tromenz Learning has collaborations with prominent market bulls. When an organization needs consulting or training services to improve employee productivity and foster corporate success, Tromenz is a valuable extended solutions partner.

    Course Curriculum

    Topics -1 What is Agile? Why use Agile?

    Topics -2 The Agile Manifesto

    Topics -3 Principles of Agile Manifesto

    Topics -4 Declaration of Interdependence

    Topics -5 Agile Methods

    Topics -6 Agile vs. Traditional Project

    Topics -1 Core Roles

    •  Product Owner
    •  Scrum Master
    •  Scrum Team

    Topics -2 Non-core Roles

    Topics -1 Scrum Flow

    Topics -2 Requirements in Scrum and Prioritizing the Product Backlog

    Topics -3 Adaptive Project Management and Scrum Planning

    Topics -4 Acceptance Criteria/Done Criteria/Estimation

    Topics -5 Importance of Value

    Topics -6 Risk Burndown graphics/Risk-Adjusted Backlog

    Topics -7 Scrum Board

    Topics -1 Sprints

    Topics -2 Sprint Planning Meeting

    Topics -3 Product Owner's role in Sprint Planning Meeting

    Topics -4 Task Estimation

    Topics -5 The Sprint Backlog

    Topics -1 Daily Stand-up Meeting

    Topics -2 Sprint Review Meeting Overview

    Topics -3 Sprint Retrospective Meeting

    Topics -4 Product Backlog Grooming/Product Backlog Grooming Overview

    Topics -1 The Chief Product Owner

    Topics -2 Distributed teams in Scrum

    Topics -3 Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement

    Topic - Real World Case Studies

    SPOC® For Career Growth

    Agile relies heavily on the role of the product owner, which LinkedIn has highlighted as an emerging job in 2022 with a 24% yearly growth in the US. It is the most accessible role and one that people in project management, business analysis, or marketing roles may easily transfer into.

    Product owners typically earn between $59,000 and $168,455 per year in income. Only 20% of professionals earn at the low and high ends of the income spectrum, respectively, compared to the majority of product owners who fall into this category.

    What You'll Learn

    • Learn the responsibilities of a product owner.
    • Demonstrate and use fundamental knowledge of Scrum.
    • Learn and master the fundamental abilities of a product owner.
    • Greater income potential than colleagues who have not qualified A variety of job prospects across different industries
    • Learn and put into practice business strategies for product vision and roadmap
    • Present yourself in the contemporary global marketplace as a certified Product Owner.


      • Provide the vision of the product.
      • Maximize the Return On Investment (ROI).
      • Handle a product together with Scrum teams.
      • Produce efficiently without compromising quality.
      • Work with the business to gain project-related knowledge.
      • Order the backlog of the product while ensuring that the product is delivered

      Not sure how to get started? Let our Learning Advisor help you.

      Contact Learning Advisor


      I was convinced by their sales rep Vishal Kaushik and I enrolled with them. I had initially been disappointed but Vishal cleared those doubts.Top Notch Service

      Zulfikar Hathiyani

      SPOC Training was really good. Course contents were Excellent and quite helpful to enrich your training aspects a lot. The sessions were quite interactive. I highly recommend everyone to go for Scrum through Tromenz Learning.

      Valentina P

      I attended the Scrum product owner certification in march. Right from booking the slot till the completion of the course Tromenz Learning team was very prompt in their response and very helpful. If you are looking for any course and you can contact Tromenz Learning.

      Moazzam Siddiqui

      I enrolled for Scrum product course and the way Tromenz planned the course material was really helpful to understand the concepts from beginning. Thank you for your support. I am very happy.

      Ghani Shahri

      I was able to clear my SPCO exam the very next day of my training completion. 5 Stars. I would like to recommend Tromenz Learning to everyone for best courses.

      Sonal Kumar

      It was a great learning experience In Tromenz with a very prompt response when required. The sessions I took were for Scrum and I received the best support from the Tromenz Support team. I cracked my exam easily.

      Louis Lang

      Extremely happy to share my review, completed my Scrum certificate recently. It was a good experience and got 100% knowledge from the faculty. Easy to understand/got more practical values.

      Aykut Celik

      Good Company. The online process to enroll in a course is smooth. The Instant chat support answers your query and helps you to make the necessary decision. The trainers are fantastic and punctual. I was able to clear my Scrum in a go.

      Farhan S

      Very Happy. I have taken the SPOC training from Tromenz Learning and it was really great experience with them,Awesome session. I have cleared the certification in one go. Thank you team for the seamless support and coordination.

      Shakeel K P

      I cracked my scrum exam through Tromenz Learning. Thank you so much for the support. I will purchase it again from Tromenz. Would like to recommend this company to everyone


      I have cracked Scrum Exam from Tromenz, the training was great, and the facilitators all were very corporative and helpful.

      Melusi nehal

      I passed my Scrum on the same day. You can go with Tromenz Learning without a second thought!

      Mohd Musa


      The SPOC® course teaches you the importance of a product vision and how to effectively create and articulate that vision. The acronym CSPO stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner.
      The Scrum Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product created by the Scrum Team. The Product Owner may perform the tasks listed above or delegate them to others. Regardless, the Product Owner is responsible. To be successful, Product Owners must have the respect of the entire organization. These decisions are visible in the Product Backlog's content and ordering, as well as the inspectable Increment at the Sprint Review. The Product Owner is a single person, not a group. In the Product Backlog, the Product Owner may represent the needs of many stakeholders. Those who want to change the Product Backlog can do so by persuading the Product Owner.
      The product owner is responsible for creating the backlog list and prioritizing it based on the overall strategy and business objectives. In addition, the product owner will need to map out project dependencies to inform the development sequence.
      The product manager determines what users require, prioritizes what should be built next, and rallies the team around a product roadmap. The product owner is in charge of maximizing the product's value by creating and managing the product backlog.
      This means that the role can be assigned to anyone with the most power over the product, such as the head of product, product manager, project manager, vice president of product, chief of product, and so on. So, whoever is at the top and owns the product (regardless of job title) is a product owner.

      The Product Owner is also responsible for the effective management of the Product Backlog, which includes:

      • Creating and communicating the Product Goal explicitly;
      • Product Backlog item creation and communication;
      • Ordering items from the Product Backlog; and
      • Make certain that the Product Backlog is transparent, visible, and understandable.

      The fundamentals of Scrum will be taught to you. The parts. The happenings. The artworks.

      You'll discover how it all comes together to form an efficient vehicle for developing new products and solving compelling problems in complex environments.

      You will also learn how to deconstruct that product vision into a set of small, workable items that will serve as the foundation of the development team's backlog.

      In many ways, the backlog is a Wishlist. It articulates all of the elements required to create a fantastic product that truly delights customers. You'll learn how to prioritize these items so that your Scrum team can build the most valuable elements first and iterate on each evolution based on real-time feedback from customers and product stakeholders.

      The following advantages come with SPOC® certification:

      1. Expands your career opportunities across all industry sectors that use Agile practices.
      2. Demonstrate and apply core Scrum knowledge Understand the Scrum foundation and the role's scope
      3. Work with Scrum practitioners who are committed to continuous improvement.

      You must first become acquainted with Scrum before becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner. Reading the Agile Manifesto and Scrum Guide, as well as watching the Scrum Foundations eLearning Series, are the best ways to get started. After completing these prerequisites, you must enroll in an in-person CSPO course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). The SPOC® course is a two-day, eight-hour in-person course. Through exercises, discussions, and case studies, you will learn the fundamentals of Scrum and the responsibilities of the Product Owner.

      With Tromenz, you can receive your training via its own Learning Management System. Live and interactive instructor-led training is also available in batches. You will have the opportunity to listen, learn, ask questions, and get all of your doubts cleared up by your instructor, who is an experienced practitioner.

      The trainers of our CSPO courses are experienced professionals and experts with a wealth of experience leading, applying, coaching, and teaching SPOC® Courses. Our team of coaches is dedicated to providing SPOC® training that meets the high standards set by PMI. No matter who the trainer is or where they are located, all candidates receive the same high-quality content. During your time with them, you will be able to develop your skills and talents further to impact your organization.

      You will receive the SPOC® course schedule, workbooks, and all relevant assignments, assessments, or case studies as part of the course materials.

      It is possible to access the course using a phone or tablet as our Learning Management System allows it smoothly; however, it is encouraged to have a desktop computer for a better viewing experience. 

      If you cannot attend a class, you may access the recorded version of the course through the LMS. Every session will begin with a recapitulation of the previous session lasting approximately 10-12 minutes.

      Please feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.

      We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, and all our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      Scholarships are available to students and veterans with grants ranging from 10% to 50% of the total course fee.

      To apply for the scholarships, please get in touch with us at Forms and instructions will be provided to you by the team. Our panel of experts makes the final decision based on our responses and answers. It is important to note that the entire process could take between seven and fifteen days.

      We offer group discounts for groups as small as three (3) participants—the greater the number of participants attending a Scrum training course, the greater the value. In most cases, you will save up to 30% by registering in groups. See the upcoming schedule for more info or mail to

      Payment options for SCRUM course fees are available in installments. If you wish to take advantage of the installment option, please get in touch with us at You will explain how the installments work and provide an estimated timeline. Most courses require two to three installments, but the total amount must be paid before completing the course.

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