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TROMENZ is one of the leading providers of professional education in IT, Software Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance.

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CISM Training Overview

Prepare to ascend to new heights in the realm of information security with the Tromenz Learning CISM Certification Training program. Meticulously designed, this course equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to conquer the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam. Our comprehensive curriculum aligns seamlessly with the latest CISM domains, ensuring a holistic grasp of information security.

This program empowers you to gain an in-depth understanding of information security concepts, strategies, and practices, fortifying organizations against evolving threats. Achieving your CISM certification with us opens doors to a world of career opportunities, recognized and valued by Advanced Information Security Mastery leading employers worldwide. Our training transcends theory, offering practical insights for immediate implementation in safeguarding critical assets. In the ever-evolving field of information security, staying current with industry best practices is paramount, and our best CISM online training ensures you stay ahead of the curve. Armed with CISM certification, you'll be primed for career progression and leadership roles in the information security domain.

Elevate your information security career and seize the opportunity to embark on a journey of professional growth with Tromenz Learning, CISM training and certification. Become a recognized expert of Global Recognition in Information Security in information security who not only aspires but also excels in the Real-World Application of Information Security Skills protecting digital assets. Your path to success starts right here.

Key Giveaways

  8 days of Live Instructor-led training

  24x7 support

  Exam dumps

   Instructor support for any query

   Practice Questions with answers

  Latest Case Studies

  Exam Queries 

  Session recording available.

  Pre-study learning path

  Exam application help 

Steps To Get Certified


  • The CISM Certification course is designed for those with five years of experience in Information Security.
  • It is necessary that candidates should have a minimum of three years of actual work experience in the field and in addition, three or more years of experience in Information Security practice analysis areas. 

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Who Should Attend Best CISM Online Training

  • IT Directors and IT Managers
  • Security Auditors and Architects
  • Security Systems Engineers
  • Security Analysts
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • Information Security Managers
  • Chief Compliance/ Privacy/ Risk Officers

Training Partner

Tromenz Learning has been approved as a training provider by leading regulatory authorities all over the world. The organization's objective is to deliver high-quality training to professionals on a global basis.

Market Leaders

In more than 180 countries, Tromenz Learning dominates the industry in providing more than 100 courses. Through this market brand, more than 5000 clients receive accreditation each year. Our goal is to close the skill gap by empowering human capital through nationally and internationally recognized industry-accredited courses.

Licensed Instructor

To empower each student, Tromenz Learning has recruited the top coaches in the industry. Our instructors have more than 20 years of experience in the field and are accredited with the respective regulating authorities.

Success Guarantee

The main principle of Tromenz Learning is "Your success is our passion." Through our elite instructors, up-to-date, on-demand content, accreditation through recognised bodies, localised distribution, and a solid technological infrastructure, we provide value for professionals through which we carry 100% passing ratio in the exams.

Strategic Partners

Tromenz Learning has collaborations with prominent market bulls. When an organization needs consulting or training services to improve employee productivity and foster corporate success, Tromenz is a valuable extended solutions partner.

Course Curriculum

1.01 Welcome to Certified Information Security Manager Course

1.02 Certification Overview

1.03 Skills Covered

2.01 Organizational Culture

2.02 Governance vs. Management

2.03 Legal Regulatory and Contractual Requirements

2.04 Data Security Frameworks

2.05 Data States

2.06 Organizational Structures Roles and Responsibilities

3.01 Information Security Strategy Development

3.02 Information Governance Frameworks and Standards

3.03 Strategic Planning

3.04 SWOT Analysis

3.05 Opex and Capex

3.06 KGI's KPI's and KRI's

3.07 CIA Triad

3.08 Designing security into software

3.09 US Data Privacy Laws

3.10 GDPR

4.01 Emerging Risk and Threat Landscape

4.02 Risk Identification

4.03 Risk Management

4.04 Vulnerability and Control Deficiency Analysis

4.05 Risk Assessment and Analysis

4.06 COBIT0

4.07 Attackers and Phishing

4.08 ISO 27001

5.01 Risk Treatment and Response

5.02 Risk and Control Ownership

5.03 Risk Monitoring and Reporting

6.01 Information Security Program Resources

6.02 Information Asset Identification and Classification

6.03 Information Security Policies Procedures and Guidelines

6.04 Information Security Program Metrics

7.01 Information Security Control Design and Selection

7.02 Information Security Control Implementation and Integrations

7.03 Information Security Control Testing and Evaluation

7.04 Information Security Awareness and Training

7.05 Management of External Services

7.06 Information Security Program Communications and Reporting02:07

7.07 Introduction to Access Control

7.08 Authentication and Authorization

7.09 Introduction to Cryptography

7.10 Overview of Encryption

7.11 Hashing

7.12 Social Engineering Attacks

8.01 Incident Management Plan

8.02 Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

8.03 Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

8.04 Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

8.05 Incident Classification and Categorization

8.06 Incident Management Training and Testing

9.01 Incident Management Tools and Techniques

9.02 Incident Containment Methods

9.03 Incident Response Communications

9.04 Incident Eradication and Recovery

9.05 Post incident Review Practices

CISM® for Career Growth 

CISM® holders primarily work in access control. However, they are not afraid to pursue positions such as head of staff, risk analyst, and developer. Their responsibilities include tracking the firm's security issues and implementing effective solutions. They must also notify their employers. They are well compensated since their professions encompass a wide range of tasks. According to Payscale, the average annual income for these employees is more than $115,000.

What will you learn

  • Learn to develop an information security governance framework.
  • Learn to identify, manage and guard an organization’s assets for an Information security perspective.
  • Learn to manage IT risk to an organizationally acceptable level.
  • Learn to define and design security architecture for your IT operation.
  • Learn to develop and execute the capability to detect, investigate, remediate and recover from security incidents.

Exam Pattern

  • Certification: Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Exam Duration: 4 Hours
  • Number of Questions: 150
  • Exam Pattern: Multiple Choice
  • Passing Marks: 450 out of 800
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

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I recently attended CISM training from Tromenz. My overall experience was great. The training faculty was very knowledgeable and engaging. It was a thorough learning experience for me. I successfully cleared my certification exam as well.

John Paul

I attended the 8 days CISM session through Tromenz Learning in April'22. Experience was amazing. Right from registration to joining session and getting certification was very smooth, transparent and full knowledge packed.

Marie Tyler

Trainer was really good. Course contents was wonderful and quite helpful to enrich your coaching aspects a lot. Sessions were quite interactive. I highly recommend everyone to opt CISM through Tromenz Learning

Farhan Murtuza

I came to know about Tromenz Learning from one of my friends and I decided to pursue the CISM training with them . They provide excellent training. The training is very informative , with practical examples and easy to understand

Shaad Shaikh

I was able to clear my CISM exam the very next day of my training completion. 5 Stars

Mark Anthony

I completed my CISM training and certification through Tromenz learning. The experience was great. The good thing is it was so smooth and ease with entire team. Great trainer and supporting people.


A must go place for anyone who is planning for CISM or any certification. Overall a great and hassle free session. Excellent services till now.

Johnsee H

I enrolled for weekend batch, 4 hrs session each day. It was awesome, never realised that i finished the session and took the certification very next day and cleared with 90 percent marks as well.. the session was amazing. Go for it.

Ashwin Kumar

Had enrolled for the CISM Certification Program with Tromenz, the end to end experience has been fantastic. Coordination, Course Content and follow through all of them. Special thanks to Deepak for making the session interactive, light and interesting.

Samuel Atchi


"Certified Information Security Manager" is what CISM stands for.

Your transition into senior information security roles is facilitated by the CISM certification. You must already have at least 5 years of experience working as a professional information security manager in order to apply for the CISM® certification. The endorsement will:

1. Verify your knowledge of the four areas of information security.

2. get you ready for leadership positions in information security

3. assist you in developing a solid information security governance structure for your business

4. know the most recent information security techniques

5. Demand higher wages than your counterparts who lack certification.

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification is an acronym for the ISACA credential. It's typically offered to IT and information security experts aiming to advance their careers by taking on administrative responsibilities.

Tromenz offers 30-plus hours of online CISM training that is led by information security professionals. The course material is extensive in a way that enables you to quickly understand all the principles required to pass the CISM exam. Renowned industry specialists with many years of professional expertise teach the CISM classes.

The average annual pay for CISM holders in the US is $137,058 according to ZipRecruiter. You may acquire the abilities to make just as much money or even more with the aid of a CISM training programme like Tromenz's.

Your ISACA membership status affects how much the CISM exam will cost, as indicated below:

Member of ISACA: $575 USD

Non-members of ISACA:  $760 USD

Enrolling in a CISM online training programme like Tromenz is a fantastic idea if you want to adequately prepare for the CISM certification. You will master all the important topics completely with the help of our well-defined and exhaustive CISM certification course, which is provided to you by teachers with extensive experience in the industry. We'll also give you access to a variety of study tools so you can ace the test with assurance.

The three-year expiration date of the CISM certificate. The following conditions must be met by CISM in order to maintain certification:

  1. For a three-year reporting cycle, amass and submit a minimum of one hundred twenty (120) CPE hours. Tromenz Will help you in this as well.
  2. CISM's annual maintenance cost is $85 for non-members and $45 for members.
  3. if chosen, adhere to the annual CPE audit
  4. abide by the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics
  5. The CISM designation of a person will be revoked if they fail to meet these certification requirements.

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association®, or ISACA, offers the CISM® certification.

Four times a year, candidates can take an exam (the initial attempt and three retakes - the 365-rolling calendar date are from the date of the first exam attempt.

Please take note that each time a person retakes a test, they must purchase a new exam registration.

After taking the test (attempt 1) but failing it:

  • Aspirants must wait 30 days from the date of the initial attempt before trying again (retake 1).
  • Aspirants must wait 90 days following the date of the second try before the third attempt (retake 2).
  • Aspirants must wait 90 days after the third attempt before trying again (retake 3 or attempt 4).

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