What is the difference between PMBOK 6th vs. 7th Edition? PMI-PMP

What is the difference between PMBOK 6th vs. 7th Edition? PMI-PMP

What are the changes made in PMBOK 6th Edition vs. PMBOK 7th Edition?

PMBOK 6th vs PMBOK 7th Edition What is the difference between? What are the significant changes from the PMBOK 6th edition to the PMBOK 7th edition? 

Have you searched these terms? Are you PMP certified or Looking to get a certification in Project Management? Then you should be able to know about these changes.

PMI has changed; the PMBOK 7th edition shifts from the process-based to the principle-based approach. Instead of processes, inputs, outputs, tools, and techniques, project delivery focuses on principles and outcomes. Knowledge areas no longer exist in PMBOK as performance domains replace them.

One of the fascinating topics PMBOk 6th vs. PMBOK 7th, What is the difference between PMBOK 6th Edition vs. PMBOK 7th Edition? Skilled project managers are in high demand as a profession, so many professionals are choosing to pursue a Post Graduate Program in Project Management.

If you plan to take your PMP certification exam in 2022 or later, you’ll notice significant differences between PMBOK 7 and PMBOK 6. The PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Information), published by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), provides thorough coverage of the exams needed.

Since 1996, PMBOK® Guide has been the ideal companion for ambitious project managers studying for the PMP certification test. PMBOK 7, the most recent edition of the PMBOK, was released on August 1st, 2021, and will provide crucial study material for aspiring project managers.

Here are the key distinctions between PMBOK 7th and PMBOK 6th, which you should be aware of as you prepare for the PMP test.

key distinctions between PMBOK 7 and PMBOK 6

Changes between PMBOK 6th and PMBOK 7th

Here are the changes from PMBOK 6th Edition to PMBOK 7th Edition based on PMBOK 7th Edition exposure draft and PMI announcement.

1. The focus of Project Management Standards has shifted.

In PMBOK 6th Edition, The Standard for Project Management mainly focuses on processes, which most of the time are considered good practices, organized into Process Groups:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing

In PMBOK 7th Edition, The Standard for Project Management mainly focuses on Value Delivery System and a dozen Project Delivery Principles. PMBOK-7 refers to the following principles see fig. below.

It will further include the following:

  • Tailoring
  • Models, methods, and artifacts

2. Primary structure changes!

In PMBOK 6th Edition, the main focus was on 49 processes grouped into ten knowledge areas:

Introduction, Project environment, Role of the project manager

10 Knowledge Areas:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Risk
  • Procurement
  • Stakeholders

In PMBOK 7th Edition, the guide will focus on Performance Domains primarily:

Tailoring, Models, methods, and artifacts

8 Performance domains:

  • Team
  • Stakeholders
  • Life cycle
  • Planning
  • Navigating Uncertainty & Ambiguity
  • Delivery
  • Performance
  • Project work

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