PMP PDUs, is there any way to earn? I am not PMP Certified can I get PDUs?

PMP PDUs, is there any way to earn? I am not PMP Certified can I get PDUs?

PMP PDUs, is there any way to earn? I am not PMP Certified can I get PDUs?


You have come to this article, which means you are already certified or planning to sit the exam. You are aware of what PDUs mean before I dive into telling you guys how you can earn free PDUs or what sort of resources you can use. However, 80% of professionals are confused about what PDUs are. So, before we go further into informing, we would like to clarify a common misconception about PMP PDU.

What is PMP PDU?

Project Management Professional, also known as PMP. PMI is the governing body of this PMP certification and is awarded to those who pass the exam. Before sitting the exam, PMI has outlined some mandatory guidelines to satisfy before you can sit.

PMP certification pre-requisite is attaining 35 contact Hours of project management education, which can be easily satisfied by attending PMP training. one of the PMI requirements is before sitting in the exam. However, aspirants are confused about contact hours with PDUs. That is why aspirants look for 35 PMP PDU training or free Training to satisfy the project management education requirement of PMP certification.

Professional Development Units were known as PDU. If you are a certified professional, you must understand that PDU is used in PMP Renewal. You should also be aware that maintaining your PMP certification requires 60 PDUs every three years if you have the certificate. Attending conferences, online PMP PDU courses, Training, and webinars, reading a book or author, and so on are all options. To learn more about it, you can earn PDUs with our 60 PDU self-paced online course, and you can reach us by calling on.

In short, if you are preparing for the PMP Certification exam, PDU is not for you. You must look for 35 contact hours to satisfy the PMI exam requirements.

Free PDU for PMP Certification Exam

If you are looking for PDUs to sit in PMP Certification Exam, I suggest you read the above. Because as we said earlier, you need contact hours, not PDU, to satisfy the exam needs. If you don’t have project management certification yet and are looking for 35 contact hours, do not worry; we will help you get the 35 contact hours. 
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PDUs and Contact Hours are different. PMI has clear guidelines of what can accept as Contact hours which can satisfy to sit in the exam


Is there any way to get Free Contact hours and Free PDUs?

Consider this; You are reading a PMP book. PMI will not consider this a source of 35 Project Management Education contact hours. However, If you already have PMP certification and are trying to renew your certification, hours spent reading project management books will consider free PDUs. Contact hours must be instructional and taught by a project management trainer or experts.

Earning 35 free contact hours is pretty hard to make from free resources. Even if you can achieve this goal of achieving 35 free contact hours, We are not sure that PMI will be comprehensive enough to prepare for your PMP exam. However, You can try with free resources.

Free PDU for Renewal of PMP certification

If you have come to this point, I can assume that you already have PMP certification and are looking for free PDUs to renew your PMP certification. You need to maintain 60 PDUs every three years, and there are certain conditions for these PDUs.

Keep in mind that there are minimum requirements for Education PDUs around the PMI Talent Triangle – Ways of Working (formerly Technical Project Management), Power Skills (formerly Leadership), and Business Acumen (previously Strategic and Business Management. Once you’ve fulfilled those requirements, the rest is up to you—some ways you can earn Education PDUs by attending Training or course, Global Events, Local Meetings, Online or Digital Media, reading (PMI Books), and Informal learning. These are some ways you can earn Education PDUs. Now the question arises how I can make Giving back PDUs? Here are some popular methods to earn Giving Back PDUs by working as a practitioner, creating content, giving a presentation, sharing knowledge, and volunteering.

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