What Is PMP Certification Training

What Is PMP Certification Training

In the following, we will be discussing an important topic that is “What is PMP certification training?” and will discuss it thoroughly within the article.PMP Certification has become the must-have credential nowadays. Today’s Most of the hiring companies are engaged in appointing the certified PMs alone for his or her firm because the firms have realized the importance of certification because it helps to win the business.


Basically, PMP enables you to indicate better performance as you’re exposed to new technologies and tricks that might assist you in managing the projects. PMP exam is set standards for higher as compared to other projects which will assist you with an actionable set of best practices.

PMP, Project management professional certification is one of the considerable certifications in business. PMP certification enables you to achieve validation of your comprehensive knowledge and experience in whichever industry you’re employed with. PMP Certification actually assists/helps you to get skills to handle, manage a project professionally as well as efficiently producing optimum results at its culmination.

If you actually have experience in Project direction and minimum intermediate from any recognizes college you’re eligible for PMP Certification. You just got to follow some simple steps to get successfully PMP Certified in the very first attempt.


The PMP certification can assist you land lucrative roles in IT, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and other exciting industries. Certified PMP’s drive much better project performance as well as are quite often rewarded with substantial pay raises.

PMP Course Curriculum


The PMP certification is a really important professional requirement for all roles as a senior project manager across all types of industries. The course is best suited for: Project Managers, Associate/Assistant Project Managers, Team Leads/Team Managers, Project Executives/Project Engineers, Software Developers, Any professional aiming to be a Project Manager.


You should have a secondary degree (i.e. associate’s degree, high school diploma or even the worldwide equivalent) with over 7,500 hours leading as well as directing projects together with 35 hours of project management education. You should have a four-year degree with 4,500 hours leading and directing projects together with 35 hours of project management education.

Exam Syllabus

The PMP exam is fundamentally based on the PMP Examination Specification, which describes tasks out of 5 performance domains:

  1. Initiating the project (13%)
  2. Planning the project (24%)
  3. Executing the project (31%)
  4. Monitoring and controlling the project (25%)
  5. Closing the project (7%)

The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions written against the PMBOK specification and also the PMP Code of Ethics. The exam is actually closed the book and also no types of reference materials are allowed. Twenty-five of the 200 questions on the exam are “sample” questions used to actually fine-tune the degree of difficulty and precision of the exam and as such aren’t counted for or against a test taker. These questions are placed randomly throughout the exam. The test taker is merely graded on their proficiency on 175 questions. The numbers in parentheses describe the percentage of questions for every domain.

Examination Process

The global or worldwide network of [Pearson VUE] testing centers provides the PMP certification exam as an online or computer-based test. They additionally offer an offline or paper-based option for locations with no sort of nearby Prometric testing centers. The exam consists of 200 questions (“items”). 25 are pre-release items, which aren’t included in exam scoring. Prometric actually calculates the score based on the other 175 items. Each and every multiple-choice item has only 1 correct answer and 3 incorrect answers.

Candidates who actually take the online or computer-based test receive their results (passed or not) immediately upon completion. Furthermore, PMI also evaluates proficiency levels in every project management process group in 4 levels. The 4 levels are:

  • Above Target
  • Target
  • Below Target
  • Needs Improvement

Examiners actually provide these results to the candidate on a score report after the certification examination. Candidates who actually take offline or paper-based tests receive their test results as well as score reports typically within 4 weeks.

Furthermore, Research shows that the most difficult Knowledge areas of the PMP certification exam are Integration Management, Quality Management as well as Time Management.

PMP Certification Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for PMP certification are stated below:

EducationProject Management ExperienceProject Management Education
Non-graduates5 years/7500 hours35 hours
Graduates3 years/4500 hours35 hours

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