Top 5 Benefits of Digital Advertising For Small Businesses

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Advertising For Small Businesses

In the following article we’ll talk about an important topic that’s “Top 5 Benefits of Digital Advertising for Small Businesses” lets discuss about it:

A small business without a digital advertising strategy is sort of a ship with no captain.

Sounds like an exaggeration?

Not when you consider the stakes involved. More than two billion people are expected to actually make their purchase online by 2021. This huge figure includes both products and services.

Looking at numbers alone, there’s a very large audience online that your small business can tap into. With the correct digital advertising strategy in place, your business can really see a rise in results, whether that’s sales, leads or something else.

A small business starts out with one main goal in mind: to grow. To do that, they have to make people aware of their brand, products and services. To get their product or service out there, they really need effective digital advertising strategies. The question now’s which advertising strategy to use. Perhaps the best answer is the one that most closely fits the vision and goals of the corporate .

The overarching key-point is here is that you simply want your campaign to align together with your goals. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend investing all of your advertisement budget into a campaign that actually grows your followers, if your biggest as well as most immediate goal is online sales. 

See how the campaign and goals don’t align? Having clear goals will assist you avoid disconnects like this. 

Digital Advertising Campaign Examples

Variety is the name of the game when it actually comes to digital advertising campaigns. For small business owners, these are the types of campaigns that they can actually choose from:

  • Email Campaigns
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

Benefits of Digital Advertising 

There you go, if you really want to drive up the visibility and eventually the sales of your brand, then you’ll actually go with one or more of these campaigns. To continue, it’ll be best to look at what the top 5 benefits of digital advertising are for tiny or small businesses who implement one among those campaigns.

1. Cost-Effective

Digital advertising is cost-effective, especially once you compare it with traditional advertising, which is far costly or expensive. For small businesses, cost is understandably a big deal. They actually need to be very careful on how and also what they spend their budget on since their resources are quite limited.

If you’re an owner of a small company and you choose to go with traditional advertising like print ads, billboards, a TV commercial etc., then you better be ready to spend.

Hiring a graphic designer is actually a given if you really want ads that look like they’re professionally designed. Aside from the expense of hiring a designer, there are even charges for getting the ad featured in a popular magazine or newspaper.

Now you may want to go the additional mile and have ads on TV or on the radio. That is great and opens up opportunities, but you also have to understand that costs will skyrocket (and usually not for much ROI, but we’ll get into that later).

You have no such issues if you choose to go digital. It is much more affordable, and there are even instances when it can be completely free of any cost. Posting on some social media platforms doesn’t cost you anything. You actually get the unmatched reach of social media while really saving money that you can further use for other things.

Even after you do invest in digital advertising with Google Ads or Facebook Ads etc. the cost per click 

or cost per 1,000 impressions iss actually infinitely less costly or expensive than paying for a billboard or print ad (which might not even reach as many people anyway!).

2. Fast and Easy to Plan

Moreover, Digital advertising even offers the benefit of being fast and easy to plan. The same can’t be said about traditional advertising, which needs to be planned way beforehand . It can take weeks or even months.

With digital advertising, that is not the case. The turnaround time it takes to set up a digital ad campaign is much quicker than that of traditional marketing.

Let’s say you suddenly decided to run a sale for one of your products last minute. If you are using digital, you can run an ad campaign for it almost instantly if you have time and know what you’re doing.

By nature, Traditional marketing outlets just aren’t as flexible to operate that fast as compared to other marketing trends. All that is required of you is to click a few buttons, and you can soon see your ad out there for the world to see. 

Going digital also gives you the option to make any quick changes anytime the need arises. Time is such a crucial commodity in business, and even more so for tiny companies and startups. Being able to actually save time implies that there’s a far better opportunity to get a return on investment (ROI) much sooner.

3. Easy to actually keep Track

As digital advertising is simple to plan, it’s also easy to track. If you wish to understand something or anything about your advertising campaign , you can actually find out from your digital advertising campaign instantaneously.

Do you want to understand what’s working for you and what’s not? The digital option makes it easy for you by measuring all the important aspects of your campaign.

Yes, we are talking about analytics here. And you need to use it to see what’s really going on with multiple aspects of your advertising campaign . For instance, your website features a regular email newsletter, and you wish to know how many people are opening it on a daily basis.

The solution? You just need to track about how many of the people who are in your email list and receiving the newsletter are actually opening it.

As for your actual ad, you can simply track how many times that specific ad has been clicked on. You’ll be able to then compare it to how many times the ad has been actually viewed.

Using the billboard example again, you may pay thousands more for a billboard than a Facebook ad. But unlike with a Facebook ad, you wouldn’t know exactly how many individual people saw the billboard, their demographic, if it resonated with them etc.

Make analytics work for you, especially since it’s one of the main advantages offered by digital advertising.

4. Easy to Update

Since digital advertising is simple to keep track, it follows that it’s also easy to update. That’s actually extremely helpful if you wish to make any changes to your campaign, both major and minor.

What if you suddenly thought of a far better message than the one you published yesterday? Or the one that you just put out just hours ago? What if you’re running a brief , temporary sale on your site?

Well, all you really need to do is to update your message through your ad platform, whether you’re using Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager etc.

With traditional advertising, you can’t make these sorts of updates. there’s no turning back once you send out your ads, so to speak. If you’re stuck with offline advertising, the most effective precaution is to double or maybe triple check everything before sending it out, the copy, design, colour scheme , everything about your advertising campaign .

5. Targeted

Digital advertising is targeted. this implies that you actually have absolute control over who actually sees the ad. and perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to make sure that your ad is merely seen by those who are really interested in it.

What enables digital advertising to be this targeted?

The many tools made available to you by platforms like social media networks make this possible. For instance, let’s say you’ve got a children’s clothing line. you’re looking to step up your advertising campaign for your line’s products that are made for two- to three-year-olds.

You can target relevant keywords that parents would be searching in Google around your product, otherwise you can target parents of toddlers directly on social media! 

The digital revolution is is actually in full swing, and there’s no coming back for each and every industry that decides to be a part of it.

Last but not least is the role of digital advertising in driving your business’s ROI. That’s the bottom line and ultimate goal for any company, big or small.


There is no secret to getting it done. All that’s required is actually a hardworking team that understand what it takes to succeed, coupled with the proper knowledge.

Having the vision and foresight to set the correct goals also helps. And jumping right into the digital bandwagon is certain to pay off sooner rather than later.

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