Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

Hybrid Cloud Scenarios


  • Dynamic or frequently changing workloads. For your dynamic workloads, you need to use an easily scalable public cloud, while leaving less volatile, or more sensitive, workloads to an on-premises data center or private cloud.


  • Separating critical workloads from less-sensitive workloads. You might use a public cloud to run the rest of your enterprise applications and even store sensitive financial or customer information on your private cloud.


  • Big data processing. It’s quite unlikely that you simply process big data at a near-constant volume really continuously. Rather than that, you’ll run variety of your big data analytics using highly scalable public cloud resources, while simultaneously using a private cloud to completely make sure of data security as well as keep big data that is sensitive behind your firewall.


  • Moving Incrementally to the cloud at your very own pace. You really need to put some of your workloads on a public cloud or on a small-scale private cloud. In addition, you also need to see what exactly works for your enterprise, and then continue expanding your cloud presence on public clouds, private clouds, or a mix of the 2 as required.


  • Temporary processing capacity requirements. For short-term projects, a hybrid cloud further enables you to allocate public cloud resources at a much lower cost as compared to if you used your own data center’s IT infrastructure. In this way, you won’t really overinvest in equipment that you’ll need only temporarily.


  • Flexibility for the future. No matter how well you plan to fulfill the needs of today, unless you’ve got a crystal ball, you won’t know exactly how your requirements might change next month or next year. Moreover, a hybrid cloud approach enables you to match your actual data management requirements to the on-premises resources, public or private cloud, that are best able to handle them.


  • Best of both worlds. Unless you’ve got clear-cut requirements satisfied by only a public cloud solution or only a private cloud solution, why limit your choices? You can opt for a hybrid cloud approach, and you will easily be able to simultaneously tap the benefits of both worlds.

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