Cisco Certification: How to reinvent yourself as a network engineer

In the following we will be discussing about an important topic that is “Cisco Certification: How to reinvent yourself as a network engineer” and will discuss about it in detail within the article:

Cisco certified professionals are seen as among the most credible person in the technology tribe. The CCIE credential is ranked among one of the toughest exams to crack that involves long lab hours and written exam. Hence, individuals that hold the CCIE number are greatly respected for their technical knowledge and expertise.

As evident from the recent technological advancements made in the networking technology domain, professionals need to pace up with the ongoing improvements. Traditionally, the essentials for network engineering were just limited to designing, implementing IP networks, but things are evolving at an exceeding pace.

Network engineers are meant to understand the distinction between different technologies, as they are available, this is extremely crucial while designing the network i.e., the architecting and implementing.

Cisco has been working on imparting best relevant courses to the networking tribe, a part of which was seen in the update of the recent Cisco Live’19 event. This year’s event updates was most awaited as the trends of network programmability, and automation has been increasing in demand. And Cisco did not disappoint. They introduced a list of significant upgrades starting from revising the entire certification track to consolidation all CCNA tracks into a single CCNA track.

These updates have been one of the most significant advancements ever since the inception of the Cisco training updates more than two decades ago. Today the professionals are required to maximize network performance as per need and requirement and administrating the critical IT security systems. They deal with project managers and service desk engineers. With the advent of digital transformation, automation & intent-based networking; they have expanded the bandwidth of the responsibilities.

Cisco certifications cover end-to-end network management after the upgrades over the entire cycle of network design, deployment, planning, and configuration. Also, the certification tracks have been improvised to cater to this requirement, like as discussed earlier the necessary level of certification requirement is CCNA, and then the CCIE is refined by improving the curriculum in terms of end to end network design.

A core technology stack has also been introduced for candidates who wish to focus on a single core technology subparts, rather than going for complete stack under the certification.

The half-life of a newly attained skill is considered around 2.5 years; Cisco made sure that they continually update the course curriculum so relevant skills will still be taught to the personnel. The Cisco certification program if you see covers or emphasizes more on practical skill development and paving the way for automation and network programmability.

This is evident since as per the new upgrade CCIE requires only a two-module practical exam rather than a single eight-hour session. The newly introduced track of DevNet is a big step in this path since network software development is a faster-growing requirement and few professional courses would comply with this need.

As a Network Engineer, and with the improvising times, the updates by Cisco fulfill most of the dire demand/requirement. Taking a certified path will eventually land you the job and career you require to meet your career aspirations since the new curriculum is designed, keeping in mind the practical situations that a network engineer can come across.

Hence, to reinvent oneself, all an individual needs is to adhere to the certification path and practice continuous learning. Certified professionals are the most honed individuals in the market today, hence legitimizing your knowledge should be your utmost priority even if you have ample hands-on experience.

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Honing your skills under Cisco certified professional who has been working with major MNC is a big plus in the long-term skill development and getting Cisco certified in any path you choose to pursue. In addition to this, we also help the candidates in growing their soft skills as well by conducting personality development sessions and mock interviews under professionals working in the industry.

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