Develop and Deploy your Applications in Cloud

Develop and Deploy your Applications in Cloud Cloud-Native Development Develop and deploy your applications to the cloud with the assistance of Tromenz Learning’s industry-leading consulting team. Whether you have a

Agile Vs Scrum: Difference between Agile & Scrum

Agile Vs Scrum: Difference Between Agile & Scrum What Is Agile Methodology This Methodology is nothing but a practice that assists continuous iteration of development as well as testing within

Data Science Components

Data Science Components WHAT IS DATA SCIENCE Data Science is really the realm of study which involves extracting insights from vast amounts of data by the utilization of various different

Data Science Process

Data Science Process Data Science can assist you to detect fraud using advanced machine learning algorithms. It helps you to actually prevent any significant monetary losses. Moreover, it also allows

What Is AI(Artificial Intelligence )

What Is AI(Artificial Intelligence ) Technology in this modern world is growing very fast, and we are getting in touch with various new technologies day by day. One amongst the

Tools For Data Science

Tools For Data Science Data Scientist is a person who is actually accountable for extracting, manipulating, pre-processing as well as generating predictions out of data. In order to really do