It is important to consider how simple the “certificate” stamp is or understand the real use of lean Six Sigma’s strategies for improving processes and their metrics.

However, if one wants to truly learn to use the Lean Six application, Sigma ideas successfully, their decision to focus on training should be very different.

Lean Six Sigma Training Objectives: 

To give Best Training Practices 

To give more than simple Lean Sigma Black Belt or lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

If so, one has to do more than just read the tools again. In this case, one has to learn how to apply Sigma’s advanced concepts to the real world and successfully use lean Sigma Define-Measure- Analyze. 

Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt

In this solid Sigma six training, one can choose integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) approach and its performance map, which offers more details of the implementation of the development project.

Lean Six Sigma method and training includes a Forecasting performance reports and the use of six Sigma decision-making methods in business level.

This program removes the confusion of choice between conflicting ways to cover all basic business development methods. It provides, among other things, the foundations of Lean Six Sigma and additional business process management an important focus on which tool or method of operation should be used.

View all Types of business development strategies available:

Today’s market can confuse businesses that want to grow. Which development strategies should a business choose? Matching their current environment and goals? This program is eliminating the confusion of choice by covering all the basic business developments methods

This premium program uses a mixed learning method which is including access to our online learning environment.

Who Will Benefit:

Business development leaders want this tool to help them deal with various business problems.

Program Content:

  • How to solve the problem
  • How to do business process
  • Defining a business problem and using the best approach
  • Evaluating current and improved performance
  • Identifying the root cause
  • Identify solutions and apply them.
  • Learning outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Understand the background and use of this variety of ways to improve
  • Understand and apply Lean to work problems
  • Understand and apply Six Sigma to work problems
  • Understand and apply process management
  • Understand what is the best way to be different
  • business problem solver
  • Understand the requirements for performing a Green Belt Six Sigma certificate

System Requirements

The program will produce case studies and examples from organizations already in control of business development programs. Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples and projects for this to be discussed as part of system.

Six Sigma Certification Courses it’s a strategy that is hired to find errors in the plans and operations of a company and error correction programs in a way too strategically. The method supports data and incorporates many facts as well as, data used to provide scientific results of practical costs cutting and narrowing of resource blocks. 

Six Sigma Green Belt operates under the direction of Six Sigma Black Belt professional and in charge of quality management in organization. A collection of specially designed tools help develop processes within the organization.

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