What Are PMI And PMP

What Are PMI And PMP

In the following article we’ll mention a crucial topic that’s “What are PMI and PMP?” let’s discuss within the article given below:


Project Management Institute or PMI is actually a not for profit organization that provides a certification program for project practitioners for all educational and skill levels.

PMI is actually based in the USA and has local chapters across the world. Therefore, if you’re based in Singapore, you can actually look for a PMI chapter in Singapore. Such local chapters conduct regular knowledge sharing and networking sessions for people curious about project management.

PMI is actually the world’s leading not-for-profit association for the project management profession. It actually became popular because it administers the PMP examination, and also provides the PMP credentials to anyone who has the required minimum experience, and passes the examination.


PMP stand for Project Management Professional. PMP on the other hand, is one of the certifications awarded by PMI. It is actually a credential industry recognized as well as demanded worldwide. For many of the project management jobs, it’s a compulsory qualification.PMP certification is not restricted to a specific domain. A project manager working in any sort of industry, be it retail, manufacturing, defense, or even information technology, can write the PMP examination and upon successful completion can actually be a PMP certified professional.

The PMP certification has actually become the de facto certification for project managers. Some companies around the world even demand PMP in their job specifications. Just having the words “PMP” printed on your business card can have an excellent effect on your prospects, customers and friends.

Getting a PMP certification is not difficult. It just requires that you simply follow the right approach, take the correct steps, read the right material, and do the PMP exam practice tests. If you follow the regular PMP Training schedule, you can really be ready to take the PMP test in as little as 60 days. The PMP examination is actually based on your experience as a project manager, your ability to solve problems, and a robust foundation in Project Management.

Once you understand the PMP exam’s format, terminology, style, and learn the Project Management fundamental basics, you’ll actually be in on your way to clear the PMP examination quickly, and without hassles.

PMI is actually an organisation which will provide support and educational opportunities for Project Management. Being a part of this body of dedicated and learned professionals will greatly assist and support you in your own efforts as a project manager.To sum up, PMI is an organization, and PMP is a credential. PMI therefore writes and supervises the PMP examinations.

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