Data and Analytics Training

Data and Analytics Training

In the following article we’ll talk about an important topic that’s “Data and Analytics Training” let’s discuss in details about it:

Accelerate Your Big Data Skills

Cisco is actually introducing a Data and Analytics training portfolio that specialize in integrated data management as well as virtualization.

These new courses provide much more powerful skills and extensive hands-on learning, which include:

Integrated infrastructure for big Data and analytics that will allow participants to design reliable, scalable as well as intelligent data center solutions using Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure for big Data and analytics

Data virtualization will actually further allow participants to actually gain practical, hands-on, skills with the help of Cisco Data Virtualization Platform, that also include Cisco Information Server as well as Business Directory.

Data and Analytics training provide powerful skills for data professionals in order to connect data, processes and experiences and extract actionable insights.

Most Big Data initiatives have infrastructure implications; enterprises need to make deliberate infrastructure decisions that take into account-specific workload requirements. Furthermore, Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for big Data and Analytics actually offers optimized comprehensive solution for developments that are enterprise-class.

If we talk about Data virtualization training, it provides an agile data integration method that further simplifies and makes information access easier. This streamlined approach lets businesses derive greater value from growing volumes of data much faster, significantly accelerating IT responsiveness without additional resources.

Data Management Training

Cisco Big Data Analytics, Architecture and Management (ANDMB)

This training course mentioned above provides hands on training with a technical mixture of application, storage, compute as well as networking topics concerning the deployment of Big Data clusters. The goal of this training is to supply or provide candidates with a far better understanding of big Data infrastructure requirements, considerations and architecture and application behavior, to be much better equipped for Big Data infrastructure discussions as well as design exercises in their data center environment.

ANDMB or Advanced Big Data Analytics Architecture, Management and Applications

This training course covers a number of the most important architecture design to cater to different needs of the application, data center or deployment requirements. Moreover, it actually provides architectural designs as well as advanced hands-on training on topics that cover Scaling of cluster to thousands of nodes as well as management, Lambda architecture for analytics of streaming, Data Life Cycle management with the help of HDFS tiered storage, and lots of other different approaches for Multi-tenant Hadoop cluster deployments with UCSD Express, Openstack, or with MapR volumes as well as Work-load Automation topics concerning Big Data cluster development.

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